“Mastery, signature and … playfulness.

Mastery of historical heritage, an eternal source of inspiration and expertise that only a handful of independent perfumiers can claim to draw from.

A modern, distinctive and unique signature that breathes life into her clients’ briefs. Playful both as a person, which takes nothing away from her personality, but also as a perfumier.

Constantly on the lookout for new raw materials to sign her creations. As you may have guessed, don’t work with Vanina if you are looking for soulless creations.”

Francois Henin.


Do you have to be synesthetic to know that olfactory emotions are sometimes intimately linked to the luminous vibrations of colour? For Vanina, each blend has its own particular hue and it is not uncommon for her to visualise a perfume with as much intensity as a painting with a thousand colours. Powdery pink, minty green, bright yellow, luscious apricot, navy blue, amber honey, cherry red, earthy brown or ethereal white create an intimate palette that she cultivates like a secret garden.


Aware that perfume is the gateway to a fashion brand, Vanina has always been passionate about the work of contemporary designers. She believes that it is essential to understand the history and evolution of the leading fashion houses in order to create scents that are consistent with the brands.


A subtle blend of cistus, myrtle, arbutus and immortelle, the scent of the Corsican maquis has infused Vanina Muracciole’s childhood memories over a long period of time, leaving an indelible trace in her olfactory memory. Corsican on her father’s side, and Italian on her mother’s, the Parisian perfumier never tires of drawing on her Mediterranean repertoire of unforgettable, powerful aromas.


Ever since her studies at ISIPCA, Vanina Muracciole has cultivated a taste for old perfumes and rare bottles. Nostalgic about the bewitching scents of the great names of 20th century perfumery, she likes to revisit her classics by smelling decidedly vintage essences, which contrast with contemporary creations through the elegance of their structure and the power of their base notes.


Vanina Muracciole loves to play the piano, and her flair for music is reflected in her perfume creation. In her laboratory, she blends her fragrances as she would have composed the jazz tunes, sonatas and impromptus that she plays on the piano. And as her inspirations flow, her heart notes soar in rhythm, like musical notes.


In Vanina’s huge library, botanical books from the 19th century, rub shoulders with leather-bound perfumers’ books whose paper has turned yellow with age… More than a bibliophile’s passion, this collection sometimes provides her with inspiration for a formula from a bygone era that she can modernise and revive with ultra-contemporary notes.